SL Energy Storage

Ensuring Affordable, Steady Electricity with Zero Carbon Emissions

Oregon and the Pacific Northwest is moving towards 100% clean energy, looking to the wind, water, and sun to power homes and businesses. Completing that successful transition depends on ensuring the stability and resiliency of the electrical grid to supply communities, even during periods of peak demand.

Moving away from fossil fuels requires better ways to fill the gaps in the day when renewable energy production is inconsistent. Pumped storage helps provide the answer, using a clean, safe, and proven technology to meet the region’s energy needs. The Swan Lake Energy Storage Project will create thousands of new jobs as the region prepares for a clean energy future.

What does Pumped Storage mean for Oregon and the Region?

A safe, reliable, and environmentally sound way to store renewable energy – deploying it when it is needed most.

Investing over $800 million in Southern Oregon to create thousands of family-wage jobs during a 3 to 5-year construction timeline.

Generating carbon-free hydroelectricity without new dams on rivers—a strategy environmental groups and energy companies can both get behind.

Ensuring the lights stay on and rates remain affordable for Oregonians as the transition to a carbon-free electricity grid continues.

Community and Economic Benefits

Oregon’s Clean Energy Economy

Transitioning to fully clean energy supply requires the ability to store energy for when it is most needed. The Swan Lake Energy Storage Project will meet that need, creating good jobs and boosting Oregon’s economy.

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Community Support

Local leaders and working people are committed to the Swan Lake Energy Storage Project’s clean energy future. Learn why Oregonians are invested in the success of the Project.

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Protecting Our Environment

Over a decade of study has ensured the Project will operate in concert with local wildlife and create a minimal environmental footprint, and that it will help to reduce Oregon’s greenhouse gas emissions.

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A safe, reliable, and environmental sound way to meet clean energy needs, grow Oregon’s economy, and create thousands of new jobs.